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                Maps and Directions

                MAPS OF OUR CAMPUSES

                You can find comprehensive maps of campus buildings and offices, as well as streamlined views of landscape and neighborhood on the SISU Campus Maps.



                FLYING TO SHANGHAI

                Both Hongqiao and Pudong International Airports serve the City of Shanghai.

                Airport Inquiry Number: +86 (21) 96990

                Although both offer access by train, bus, and shuttle into downtown Shanghai, Hongqiao is substantially closer to our two campuses. Pudong is about 60 minutes by car / taxi (about 44 km, ¥150.00 / daytime taxi) and 120 minutes by public transportation to our Hongkou Campus.



                DRIVING TO CAMPUS

                If you are driving from city center or one of the airports or railway stations to our Songjiang Campus, you may take our driving directions for reference.




                Shanghai has an extensive public transport system, largely based on buses, taxis, and a rapidly expanding metro system. All of these public transport tools can be accessed using the Shanghai Public Transportation Card.

                METRO TRAIN

                Shanghai Metro Line 3 can be boarded downtown at Chifeng Road or Hongkou Football Stadium (where you can also interchange to Line 8) stations to ride down to our Hongkou Campus.

                Shanghai Metro Line 9 can be boarded at Songjiang University Town Station to our Songjiang Campus. Be sure to check the schedule.

                BUS ROUTES

                Routes #21, #51, #52, #70, #79, #100, #115, #132, #139, #167, #502, #537, #547, #597, #723, #745, #751, #817, #829, #853, #854, #875, #933, #937, #942, #959, #975, #991 serve Hongkou Campus and the surrounding neighborhood. Songjiang Routes #3, 5 and 9 serve Songjiang University Town. These buses take the usual fare of ¥2.00 or ¥1.00.



                CAMPUS SHUTTLES

                The University provides a shuttle bus service for the convenience of faculty, staff and students who need to travel between our two campuses.

                Learn more at Intercampus Shuttle.